The Little Red Hen Revisited

One little red hen.
One grain of wheat.
Who will help me? Not I!

If you recall the story of the little red hen from your childhood, you will remember the hen who longed for some help to fulfill her desire to feed herself and others with a loaf of bread, all because she found a single grain of wheat. With no one to help she forged ahead and did the work herself and finally was able to enjoy the fruit of her labours. But how much better it would have been if her companions had come to her aid and shared the workload.

Fortunately that is not the story to be told as Owen Sound Harvest for Hunger endeavours to feed the less fortunate in our world. We asked who will help us feed the hungry and we got a resounding “I will” from so many people in our community.

Again we express deep gratitude to all who helped make our efforts a success in 2016. With more fields planted with soybeans and many who participated by providing necessary supplies and services, by attending our Fun Day at the Farm, by picking and selling pumpkins and in so many other ways we were able to increase what we will be sending to feed the hungry.

With numbers in from 2016 we are pleased to report that the total amount donated to the Foodgrains Project this year will be $31,768.07. When this is matched by the Canadian Government 4:1, this grows to $155,540.35. What a great harvest to feed the hungry. Thank you so much for your support of our efforts.

We have already begun to make plans for 2017 so stay tuned for details for this year. Your encouragement, prayers and support are much appreciated.