2015 A Great Blessing to Many

As we look back over the past year we can say that 2015 was a great success. Thanks to our generous supporters in our first year of Owen Sound Harvest for Hunger Project. What an amazing encouragement it has been to see the community work together to support this endeavour. THANK YOU!!!

Here is a portion of the year end report for 2015:

TOTAL DONATED TO Canadian Foodgrains $23,154.04

When Matched by Canadian Government 4:1 $115,770.20

Thanks to Owen Sound Harvest for Hunger, $115,770.20 will be used by Christian & Missionary Alliance to serve 13 villages in the southeast corner of Niger in an area that has suffered great drought and movements of people due to conflict in Northern Nigeria. The program will assist 777 households (approximately 5,439 total beneficiaries). They will receive food – household rations of maize/cowpeas and oil, their staples in that region. The total value of this project is about $430,500, so over a quarter of the funding of this project will be due to Harvest for Hunger.